Over the last 25 years we have renovated many peoples homes and business premises in projects ranging from $2,500 through to $375,000. We pride ourselves on ensuring a clients budget is the first and foremost consideration when undertaking a renovation project.

Quality Workmanship

Do It Once, Do It Well!
We believe that a job done right the first time is a job well done. We also believe in taking no shortcuts and only using the best quality materials and work practices to ensure you are happy and satisfied with our services.


Renovations are alterations to existing valued premises and entail unique communication practices over extended periods of time. Our service practice is to communicate first, ask questions when required, seek clarification at all times and include regular review of the renovation as it happens.


We understand that at times it is not possible for you to relocate whilst we undertake and complete your renovation project. We will happily work "around" you and ensure that your current lifestyle is affected as minimally as possible.

Safety First

A clean site is a safe site. We value and respect your need to have your premises maintained as closely as possible in their original state and therefore we keep our work sites clear of clutter, remove all debri safely and in accordance with current workplace health and safety requirements.

Sustainable Practice

In all aspects of our work, both in the office and in the field we endeavour to engage with yourself as valued Client, our suppliers and the general public using as efficient communication as possible therefore saving in fuel and other unwarranted energy expense.